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Fleet Services in Regina

  • Fleet and company truck discounts on everything from basic fleet maintenance and repair work all the way up to major repairs and reconditioning.
  • Full product lines of outfitting products ready to be installed and serviced.
  • Increase your bottom line and drastically reduce vehicle down time with fuel economy improvement and emissions system removal packages.

Big Rig Fleets


  • Steinbauer Performance Modules for Agricultural Machines
  • Exhaust Fluid Delete Modules

All Major Brands

Full emissions systems removal kits for improved fuel economy, increased power, and increased reliability for virtually all brands of pickups and Semi trucks/Big Rigs.


  • Ford 6.0L and 6.4L Solution Packages
  • EGR, DPF, and UREA system deletes to increase fuel economy and power
  • Superduty upgraded oil coolers
  • Upgraded ICP and IPR’s


  • Strengthened Duramax tie rod kits
  • Replacement fuel system parts
  • Increased horsepower Fuel Injectors and Injection Pumps
  • Upgraded transmission oil coolers


  • Dodge front end steering solution kits
  • Replacement and upgraded turbos
  • Performance and Towing Transmissions
  • Lift & Level Suspension Kits
  • Gauges and monitoring systems
  • 3.0L EcoDiesel full emissions deletes