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Engine & Powertrain Repair in Regina

Your engine is undoubtedly the most complex piece of your vehicle. Commonly, issues with your engine can result in problems elsewhere. The mechanics at Smoke ‘Em are skilled at engine checks, repairs and even complete engine rebuilds. 

Powertrain Maintenance

The Powertrain is the part of your vehicle that essentially makes it move. It consists of the engine, transmission, and all parts that connect the power to the wheels. Regular maintenance of this system is highly encouraged, as issues can very easily leave you stranded on the side of the road. It is important to make an appointment as soon as you notice any problems.

We offer new OEM, rebuilt to OEM specifications, or used depending on your budget, engines, transmissions, transfer cases and differentials. 

Head Gasket Repair

Valve and gasket repairs are part of Smoke ‘Em’s powertrain repair and maintenance services. This service is provided as needed if we see signs that the valves or gaskets are broken or damaged. Some symptoms to look for when considering a valve or gasket issue with your engine are leaking, odd smells, low engine oil, low coolant or engine misfires.

Contact Smoke ‘Em for Complete Engine Repair Regina Services 

Call 306-545-5911 today or stop by Smoke ‘Em Performance & Repair for routine powertrain maintenance, or if you notice any issues with your car, truck, SUV or big rig vehicle - we can service them all! Our skilled technicians are here to help keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.