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auto repair shop regina

Auto Repair Shop in Regina, SK

We cover all forms of auto repair and maintenance work, from simple tune-ups to custom fabrication and builds. Our shop is conveniently located in downtown Regina, with multiple bays and certified technicians.

Here are just some of the services we provide:

We are Regina's number one auto repair shop for gas and diesel services!

Repairs and Upgrades

No matter if its your daily driver, a fleet vehicle, or your custom build, we can service all aspects of your vehicles needs.

Contact us to find out more.

DPF Delete Kits

A popular modification, a DPF delete kit will save you time and money while increasing performance, horsepower, and torque!

With 3-5mpg increase and a bunch more horses under the hood, you'll be happy you called!

Intake & Exhaust

Upgrades and repairs, and everything in between. Our technicians are fast and professional.

Book your vehicle in today, contact us by phone or facebook.

Fleet Repair & Service

We provide everything needed to service Gas, Diesel, Agricultural, and Big Rig vehicles. Specializing in Fleet Services, we guarantee fast turn around and quality repairs.

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