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Suspension Repair

frontend suspension repair in regina

Suspension Repair in Regina

Your vehicle's suspension system not only gives you a smooth ride by absorbing spring movement (without it, driving would be extremely jarring and uncomfortable) but protects your vehicle and it’s inner parts from damage while driving. Your suspension system consists of a few major components; ball joints, shocks, struts, control arms, steering and wheel bearings.

How do I know if my suspension system is damaged?

There are a few common signs to look for:

  • Bumpy ride (no shock absorption)

  • Your vehicle struggles to turn

  • Your vehicles pulls to one side while driving straight

  • Your vehicle continues to bounce after driving over a bump

  • Your tires are wearing out unevenly

  • Your vehicle takes a “nosedive” when stopping (the frontend dips)

The Suspension Test

There is a quick way you can test your suspension system yourself. Lean against the hood of your parked vehicle and move away. If it “bounces” more than twice, it is recommended to make an appointment to look at your shocks and struts. The technicians at Smoke ‘Em are skilled at examining and repairing all types of vehicle shocks and struts.

Shock Repair or Replacement

Shocks keep your vehicle from bouncing and work in tandem with the struts which are a structural part of your vehicle’s suspension system. The Smoke ‘Em shop can repair or replace most vehicle shocks and struts if needed.

Suspension & Wheel Alignment

Sometimes an alignment is what is needed to get your suspension system back to working properly and safely. Smoke ‘Em can diagnose and provide a suspension & wheel alignment which helps ensure that all the moving parts and pieces of your suspension and steering system are moving together efficiently. 

Ball Joint Repair or Replacement

The mechanics at Smoke ‘Em will thoroughly inspect all the components of your suspension system and may determine that your ball joints need repair or replacement. Ball joints are the pivot point between the vehicle and the rest of the suspension system, allowing the system to move up and down while the wheels turn left or right. If any of your ball joints become dry (lubrication is needed for them to work properly) or loose, they will need servicing by a certified technician.

Contact Smoke ‘Em Performance & Repair for All Your Suspension System Needs

Contact us today at 306-545-5911 to make an appointment if you suspect you have a suspension issue with your vehicle, or if you are due for an inspection (especially if your vehicle has over 80,000-100,000 kms or is 10-15 years old).  Whether the issues is with your shocks, steering or ball joints, the technicians at Smoke ‘Em are able to inspect and repair or replace components of the suspension system in most vehicles from cars and SUVs to trucks and big rigs.