S&B Open CCV Breather Kit

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The S&B Crankcase Ventilation Open Breather Kit for 2007-17 Dodge Cummins 6.7L trucks will keep your intake tube, turbo and intercooler free of oily crankcase buildup which can reduce the performance and potentially accelerate the wear and tear on engine components.

You do need an emissions delete tuner or custom tuning to run this breather, or the truck will throw an engine light.


Why You Need This

In the past, crankcase blowby gases have been vented into the atmosphere. With all the new emissions requirements, Cummins has transitioned to a closed crankcase ventilation (CCV) system. The CCV system works by directing the blowby gases into your air intake tube, so that it is consumed by the engine. This results in a buildup of oil residue inside the intake system including the intake tube, turbo compressor, intercooler, and intake valves. This buildup can reduce the cooling efficiency of the intercooler, degrade rubber couplers, contribute to carbon deposits on the intake valves, and reduce the performance potential of the engine.

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