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All listed Flo-Pro exhaust kits will delete the factory catalytic converter, DPF assemblies, and UREA/DEF exhaust fluid assemblies. 

Full exhaust systems replace everything from the turbocharger back.  These exhaust kits reuse all the factor hanger locations and factory exhaust isolators for easy instillation.  Aluminized construction for zero worries about rusting, kits include everything required for install including full seal lap joint clamps. Welding is not required for install. Our only choice when it comes to exhaust!

These kits do not include an exhaust tip.  We have tips available separately in a variety of sizes and finishes.


"Do I Need a 4" or a 5" exhaust?"  Your factory exhaust is basically a 4" system, but without having any of the emissions systems these Flo-Pro kits will drastically out-flow your factory exhaust.  The mufflers used are a straight through design (you can look right through them) so they do not hinder any performance.  Jumping up to a 5" system will increase the engines ability to breathe, and they do provide a louder, deeper, more aggressive sound over the 4" kits.  Any option will be a massive improvement over stock, so the biggest decision maker is your personal preference.



Halfway through 2015, GM made a production change in the connection between the catalytic converter and the turbo direct pipe on the LML. 2011-early 2015 trucks will have a V-band flange where the first piece of the exhaust connects to the downpipe, 2015.5+ trucks will have a 3-bolt flange connection (pictured below) Please ensure you have the early LML V-band flange before ordering any of the kits listed on this page. If you have the newer 3-bolt flange, like what is pictured below, please select from the 2015.5+ exhaust options.





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